It is no secret that a well bonded team is a more productive team…

Introduction of a new team, motivating them or inspiring them, corporate outbound surely helps aligning a company's various teams and departments to focus toward its common goals.

Freespirits has been operating corporate outbound & overnighters for the past 6 years and proud to announce that we have pioneered a few innovations in this segment.

Enthusiastic team, fun games and activities function as tools for personal growth.

Our teams of experts are well versed with all the aspects of adventure and nature.

These fun activities when done will in turn encourage “Team Spirit” and “Motivation” within your team.

Our varied network of accommodations include hotels, Resorts, bungalows, homestays and villas around the country.

We can take care "end to end" of your entire outbound starting from transportation, stay, meals and activities leading to the success of your event.

We conduct both indoor and outdoor activities.

Freespirits is also affiliated with some experienced senior trainers specializing in different verticals of training. Freespirits will be happy to introduce our corporate partners to these trainers and help co-ordinate the entire activity.